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Geoffroy (futur responsable rivière), Franck et Marcel

The leather manufactory, Tannerie Degermann is in a strong approach to CSR, corporate social responsibility:

Tannery is an area where the quality of the staff is essential. At Tannerie Degermann, the staff is faithful and the excellence of the human hand is at the heart of the company’s strategy.

We exclusively work with European calfskin from breeding for the production of veal meat.

We scrupulously follow the origins of our raw materials and we are able to know the origin of our raw materials thanks to our suppliers.

The respect of our manufacturing processes at all stages of production is essential and the greatest thoroughness is applied by our teams.

The products used for tanning, retanning, dyeing and finishing our skins come from the best brands of tannery products and are perfectly in line with the rules and standards in use worldwide.

Compliance with standards and the monitoring of their evolution are at the heart of the company’s strategy and the products developed by our teams are always in compliance with these standards.

We committed ourselves more than 30 years ago to reducing our process water consumption and treating our discharges to respect and preserve the environment and respect this essential resource.

Before shipping, our leathers are tested in our physical testing laboratory and are regularly tested chemically in certified laboratories.