The House

Located in Alsace in Barr, a region in the heart of Europe bordering Luxembourg to the north, Germany to the east and Switzerland to the south. The Tannerie DEGERMANN is located at the crossroads of Europe.

The origin of the Tannerie DEGERMANN in BARR charming little picturesque town in the heart of the Alsatian vineyards 35 kilometers south of Strasbourg dates back to the 19 th century. An unbroken line of tanners from Gustave the founder to Nicolas, the current leader has been able to transmit passion, values and know-how until today.

Advanced techniques, process qualities, organization, continuous improvement of the products in the respect of the leather tradition are the priorities of its leaders.

Through its regular investments, the company has a powerful, environmentally friendly and flexible working tool, able to meet all requests for high quality leather.

Specialized in the manufacture of calf leather on raw skins from the best French origins, the DEGERMANN leather manufactory is in constant contact with its French and foreign customers.

She produces smooth calf leather, printed calves by developing specific and exclusive grains, but also articles [or even work the buffalo] pigmented with very homogeneous hues. The factory team implements river work, tanning (mineral), dyeing and finishing, so as to master the process in its entirety.

The long tradition of the leather trades in the Barr area, allows for a competent, motivated and knowledgeable staff.

With its team of passionate craftsmen, the tannery has developed a range of products aimed at manufacturers of footwear, leather goods, wristwatches, upholstery, furniture and clothing.

The Tannerie Degermann has a production of 250 calves a day or a little about 15,000 square meters per month, 2/3 of the production are specific fabrications. 50% of the production is devoted to export to Italy, Germany, the United States, China, Switzerland …

The significant investments we have made allow us to fully handle our industrial waste.

The waters that we release into the natural environment after treatment are perfectly in accordance with French and European legislation.

The whole team of the leather factory, Tannerie Degermann wishes you an excellent visit on its website and is at your disposal in the contact section.